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If a man knows for sure he is going to be getting lucky on some big occasion (Valentines, Birthday, etc..) that day (or a couple days before) he eats nothing but nasty substances and things that plain and flat out do not taste good alone without any aditives (Onions, Horse Radish, Aspargas, etc..) after that you wait until after the dinner and stuff until it is time to get head or have sex (if you have sex you must make sure u pull out or it will not be as fun) and when it is time to cum you make sure you drain it all into the persons mouth (also make sure you watch their face) odds are that the person will not be pleased with the new taste of that your cum has suddenly developed...always fun for a guy who likes to joke around
I knew it was going to be a great night since I set her up for my Nasty Nut
by Swannyson February 17, 2008
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