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A lying piece of shit. One that fucks anything and everything that is female. One that secretly covets his mother.
Acting like a true Nasser, he slept his was to the top of the firm.
by ioc March 11, 2005
a gangster
that guy is such a nasser
by Nasras February 27, 2009
The best Person on the planet, get that outta here, Tails best c0n3br34d Yanni nicest person :D

Fightercurse best on gunz atm.
Wow Nasser is the biggest boss, get that outta here kidd.
by Best kidd March 29, 2009
a sexy person in NES
Nasser is so hot as the sun in kuwait!!!
by smowe May 30, 2013
victories and coool ...don't be mess john tess
when i bust a cap in someones ass im happy
by max mikelic November 13, 2003
An Arabic name meaning, "Victorious".
What's his name?
by ArabianSwagg September 24, 2013
every insult ever
you are a nasser
by starpro December 18, 2013
This word can have multiple definitions, for example:
1) A beautiful being who is above all others, if not physically, then mentally.
2) A sexy person who turns head when walking by.
3) He/she who is classed as a Nasser has to be highly respected and never doubted.
1) person 1: 'Oh my gosh! Look at her, she got an A* in maths! And looks amazing! She's gotta be perfect!'
Person 2: 'Wow! She must be a Nasser!!'
2) person 1: 'Look at that guy walking past! Is he hot or what?'
Person 2: 'Now that's what you call a Nasser!!!'
3) person 1: 'Hey, did u see that guy! He looks like a total dumbo!'
Person 2: 'what are saying dude! Have you heard? He's a Nasser!'
Person 1: 'ermm.... I take it back!'
by Nass786 October 19, 2014