Nassau county is on Long Island NY. It starts right after exit 13, which is Queens, NY. Out of Nassau & suffolk county, Nassau is by far the best. It is more urban and lively than suffolk county. Plus it is only about 10 minutes from Manhattan. To Queens though, of course, it is only about 5 minutes. Many rappers, singers, performers, and athletes come here. And are also are from here. The rappers and singers come to the Nassau coliseum alot to perform. And the ones from here, also come to visit. And some of them still own homes here. And the long islanders also go to the nassau coliseum to play. The NY Jets Training Camp/Practice field is here, in Hempstead. Exit 17. Basketball Player Dr. J is from here in Roosevelt, NY. Rap group Public Enemy is also from here, in Roosevelt, NY. Famous Comedian Eddie Murphy is from here, in Roosevelt, NY also. As well as his brother, Charlie Murphy. Rapper Method man is from here, in Hempstead, NY. Busta Rhymes & Leaders of the new school are from here, but their also from Brooklyn, NY. Nassau is home to one of the biggest Mall's in America, Roosevelt Field Mall. Which, by the way is not in Roosevelt, it is in Garden City. It is also home to one of the biggest
Park's in America, Eisenhower Park. Which is also in Garden City.

Nassau(516): Many famous people, places, & things.

Suffolk: Most famous person = Rakim. Very good rapper, but doesn't even rep where he's from, because he probably doesn't like it. So he just says "I'm from NY" instead of "I'm from Suffolk County".

Nasau is the best on L.I. (Out of Nassau & suffolk)
by Strong Island Boss February 23, 2008
Top Definition
Nassau County is located between Queens County (one of NYC's five boroughs) and Suffolk County on Long Island. It is home to the Belmont Stakes, Hofstra University, and the New York Islanders. The county seat is Mineola. It is the second wealthiest county in the country. Everyone from the city frequents Jones Beach or the city of Long Beach in the summer. With a population over 1 million people, it is twice the size of Boston, and it less than a 30 minute drive to Manhattan. Home to many ethnicities including Indians in New Hyde Park and Herricks, Irish Catholics in Manhassett and Garden City, Jews in Great Neck, and African Americans and Latinos in Hempstead and Glen Cove.
Nassau County is a city in itself with a lot less of the problems.
by the truth and im not kidding March 07, 2006
A tiny ass little town in the middle of upstate New York where everyone literally knows everyone because the total population is smaller than a large family. The center of town is a four way intersection of route 20 and 203 and is surrounded by a redundant array of gas stations. The only interesting bit of business in this town is Zia's Pizza, which is where all the cool kids hang out (as opposed to Cumberland Farms, where the douchers chill) and has the best pizza around. There are only two police patrol cars even though only one is needed and they have the most predictable hiding spots in the world. The cops are usually so bored that they will pull you over for going 31 in a 30 or will attempt to arrest you for robbing a liquor store when you clearly were only standing in the parking lot. Nassau is also referred to as "Nasshole" because it sucks so fucking much. Also home of the Rudats, the coolest family in the world.
Yo mang, lets go grab some Pizza in Nassau.

Oh word? Get me some for free yoyo, you used to work there.

Nah nigga, that shit ain't cheap. I'll get it for free but you gotta shell out!
by Fizzbitch Mcgee February 09, 2010
A shit ass town in the middle of no were were wannabees live.
Morey park road is were all of the drunk ass losers live never come to morey park road on a Friday night...
by Tri-Moto July 18, 2011
The county west of Suffolk and east of Queens on Long Island. Mostly filled with disgustingly rich people, and most of them are Jewish. The rest who are not rich are mostly Jewish as well. Also, the resting place of the commonly known "annoying Long Island accent." Know that this is the only place where you will hear that kind of shit on Long Island.
When I'm in my home in Nassau I like to "waulk my daug by the wuata'."
by J.M.G. November 21, 2005
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