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there always those handsome caring guys who just go with the flow and are secretly adored by all
That guys name is so nasir
by Amanda cheene May 23, 2011
smooth criminal
south london, south london
by dont watch dat December 15, 2003
who is that guy?Nasir

Nasir is very hot,he does not give a shit about a girls personalty only her looks. Nasir is the type of guy that believe in love at first sight and every one knows that u have to get to know a person before u like them. Nasir is the type of person who don't give a shit what people think about him ,he just care when people is talking shit about him behind his back. Nasir is the type person who would cheat and like it, but if u cheat he would get pretty angry,he's also a very good liar don't ever trust a Nasir,Last but not least Nasir only cares about him self.
Nasir is hot but only like a girl for her looks.,
by princesscj May 24, 2014
prince naz was ere 2003
cos he was
by naz December 07, 2003
Someone who is better than tears.
Nasir is a bet of a spemmer
by tears March 22, 2003
To fly, either one or numerous, amount of bees. Flying bees is becomming a popular hobby within NZ.
"Lets go nasir some bees" "WTF DUDE"
by ShiZZLE April 09, 2003
1) noun: a pikey who steals things from changing rooms and sells them on
2) verb: to steal phones/wallets/mp3 players from a school changing room
Person 1: Argh some nasir took my ipod while i was in the gym!

Person 1: OMG wheres my phone gone!!! it was there before swimming!
Person 2: Someone probably nasired it....
by whostolemyphone February 26, 2009
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