originally developed in neolithic times, nasal sex did not come into popularity until the recnet body modification craze whereas people were more inclined to enlarge various cavities of their bodies.
the penis is inserted into the nose, and thrusted until one's thick hot jizm spews onto the receiver's brains, known as getting some "hot brains". typically those of african, italian and/or jewish descent are popular within the nasally sexual set.
"i fucked her ass then got the hottest brains until the shit came out of her eyeballs, yo!"
by XephonTiNemal August 28, 2004
Top Definition
A way of saying "I don't know", as in "fuck knows"
Jim: Anything good on tonight?
Bob: Nasal sex
Jim: Nasal sex?
Bob: Fuck nose
by lucothefish October 02, 2007
sexual intercourse with the penis into the nostril.
sexual intercourse with the nose into the vagina.
I'd sure like to have nasal sex with that pakistani girl
by HondaHomie07 April 24, 2004
sex performed between a gnome and a normal human in which the gnomes penis is too small to fit in any of the regular sexual orafices, so is instead placed in the nose
that gnome gave her nasal sex
by Dr. Livingston April 07, 2008
To stick your finger up your nose and repeatidly doing motions to get a booger. In too hard motions, bleeing can occur.
Little childrens have Nasal Sex.
by Finalninja447 March 19, 2010
The act of sexual relations involving the nose
He stuck his nose in my pussy
by Spanner O Toole September 14, 2003
When a woman swallows seamen and chocks and ends up spewing it out her nose
omg last night I was with this great guy and I ended up having :Nasal Sex
by 4playAngel July 21, 2011
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