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the coolest way of saying "no" eva.
Girl: Wanna go to da party later?
Boy: Narz, I aint in da mood, yo.
#narz #no #nah #na #hell no
by shmurple87 May 16, 2011
A contraction meaning "not ours", usually expressing disappointment or dejection and uttered upon discovering that something desired and believed to belong to one's own group actually belongs to some other party.
You and yours are at a restaurant, hungry and waiting for your food to arrive. The waitress comes sweeping toward your table with what surely must be your tray of food. Your expectation rise with gratitude only to be dashed as she serves it up to a different party. "It's narz."
#disappointment #dejection #relief #mistake #realization
by snowordflake February 05, 2010
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