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name of the flower that you know as DAFFODILE in english ( persian/farsi)
name of girls in persian
also Narciss
I saw Narges at the party last night
by narges February 07, 2010
28 7
A nasal discharge of extreme proportions. Usually after sneezing, puking, or laughing.
Dont make me laugh so hard, I'll narge!
by CanadianSlang August 19, 2010
7 6
When an unatractive blue collar worker type has his/her sweaty, hairy, pimply ass crack showing. Typically due to an over wieghted tool belt.

First used by Jim Dilts of Big Bear, California back in the early 80's.
That plumber was a fucking narge to the extreme.

Q: "Did you see the gross ass crack on that fool!?!"

A: "What a fucking narge!"
by Squidmo January 21, 2005
12 11
an abreviation for the ancient greek word NARGIMATIC-SYSTEMSTATICA meaning loser face. aftermany years the original word has been cut down to NARGE used as an alternative to dammit
+omgf i forgot to bring the beer for da party.

-dick wrincle

by xdistorted_lovex March 28, 2006
5 13