Probably the coolest last name out there. If you ever meet anyone with this last name, you know they are twice as cool as you.
Whoa, his name is George Nardi?
by napoleon November 23, 2004
Top Definition
A word used to define someone who is considered cool, in the context of one's name.
Hey, Ben Fenner is pretty cool.
How cool?
He's not a Nardi, but he's still cool.
by nei November 23, 2004
it means your cool. or extreme,awesome, your a chill person,
"dude your soo nardi. you rocked in the concert last night
by katti_gurl February 25, 2007
Getting a boner for your above-average looking sister
Savario got a nardi during class. Where it came it from? who knows...
by Pdid March 25, 2007
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