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An eating disorder--sister to anorexia and bulimia--where people starve themselves. Dissimilar to anorexia, victims of narcoleptia (narcols) choose to sleep when a feeling of hunger arises. Common symptoms include exclamations of exhaustion around breakfast, lunch, snack, and/or dinner time, interchanging the word 'tired' and 'hungry' in conversation, as well as passing out at the sight, smell, or sound of the food network, fresh food, or oven timers.
(1) I think Lauren is a narcol because I talk about food and she starts to snoar :/

(2) "I'm tired, can you make some baked brie?" "Matt!! Do you suffer from Narcoleptia???" :O

(3)"You guys are Narcols!" "David, just because we sleep when you make David's Potatoes, does not mean we have narcoleptia!" >:O
by Laurattid October 05, 2009
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