1) An extremely racist and bigoted description of a black woman when used by a white man. Accepted terminology if, and only if, used by any black male when discussing a black female. To be used with other flattering comments such as bitch and gul.

2) A member of the Rutgers Lady Knights basketball team
Bernard: "Those girls have tattoos. Those are some hardcore hos"
Don: "Yeah, they're some nappy headed hos!"

or the acceptable version

"Yo bitch, where's my money? I'll beat your nappy headed ho ass with nine inches of limp dick"
by thotho3 April 10, 2007
The most overused catchphrase of 2007
Some old geezer with a radio show coined the most overused catchphrase of 2007 - "nappy headed ho"
by StoneCold316316 April 12, 2007
Apparently it is a Girls Basketball team from North Jersey, or Jersey somewhere! One of the national college teams. Some cracker from a radio show said it. Oh! now look up (cracker)in this dictionary. Nappy Headed is also used in Stevie Wonder's song from way back about his own child! Some use this term when brushing hair. I like to say RATS NEST to my white children! If they were black I would say Nappy Headed! So have you looked up Ho in this dictionary...well off you go> right to the word HO! Isn't CHRISTmas on the first page. Look out for "Freedom of Speech" on the public airways IT MAY will get you fired! You may lose your ranch that helps fund, Victims of childhood cancers!
"Those Nappy Headed Ho's can't shoot the ball"
by Winwen April 12, 2007
Racist term invented by Imus, to define the Rutger's women's basketball team.
Don Imus should be fired for calling members of a girl's basketball team nappy headed hos.
by seancccccccccc April 10, 2007

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