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Of or relating to an african (black male) genital area with black "nappy" pubic hair present.
Dammmn girl! ya boy's got some gross lookin nappy sack!!

Shut up! your lookin like an old nappy sack.
by Colleen + Brittney April 11, 2007
A sack in which used diapers (nappies) are placed into.
Honey, that nappysack over there is stinking the place, i think we need to empty it.
by freejuice January 22, 2011
NappySacking is when you dip your ball sack in a Wendy's frosty or other milkshake products then have a girl lick it off
that girl i went home with last night was a real bitch so i NappySacked her and bounced.
by JayManXX May 03, 2009
A nappy full so much of shit it bulges like a sack
You your such a baby and you talk so much shit you must have a nappy sack.
by Davyboy March 22, 2007
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