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This word originated from a game involving a haunted house where ghosts said nanoflame to scare its victims instead of the usual "boo". It has since evolved to become a term used to refer to acts of stupidity. Widely used eapecially is the South-East asain region, where the game originated.

1.Meaning stupidity. used to refer to people or things, though it is usually more appropriate on the former.

2. Used as a subsitute for "boo", as in the "boo" used by ghosts. Used to scare people at blind corners.
1. Keith is such a nanoflame, how could he throw the diamond into the drain?
That nanoflamed table hit me, Ouch!

2. "nanoflame!" came the sound from behind the curtains, giving us a shock.
by fearall March 18, 2005
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