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A person who acts elderly and likes to ruin the fun for everyone else.
Amanda is always acting like a nanny goat never wants to go out and have fun anymore
by Sunny1218 March 08, 2013
A know it all. Someone who insist on being right and will go to any means to prove that they are correct. Nanny goats hold a wealth of information but can be confused with pretentiuos by those unfamiliar with nanny goatisms. Nanny goats are often misunderstood because of their eagerness to share all they know.
Meg was right again. She is always having nanny goat moments.
by terpin October 07, 2011
an unwanted hair on a woman's face - more coarse than peach fuzz - which often appears suddenly, even overnight. nannygoats feel like "beard hairs" and are usually plucked at one's earliest convenience!
I feel a hard little nannygoat sprouting on my chin and it's driving me crazy; must pluck asap!
by amy d. February 18, 2004
another accepted form of a Goatee
I'm trying to gro my Nannygoat back out
by Michael June 20, 2003
much like pulling a goat however the stunt is performed by a sexually ragged female where the wizard sleeves are pulled back in a doggy style position to hang out between the thighs thus resembling a nanny goat
oh man i had to get my stomach pumped after seeing that nanny goat at kyles party
by torainius October 22, 2007
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