'Man, that song is NANG!'
by SHEvil August 10, 2003
when something is wicked amazing cool.
i went to see this band last night called TSNK and they were nang!
by dee wop November 18, 2005
An Australian slang term for a Nitrous oxide bulb, derived from the sound distortion that occurs when one is under the influence of the drug.
"I just had a nang, I don't think I have ever laughed as hard in my entire life"
by thenanganator July 15, 2013
"Nang"-Adjective to discribe ones appreciation, liking or affirmation

Synonyms: Cool, Rad, Sweet, Tight etc.
-"Do you like this band?"

--"yeah, they're nang"
by rockenglandrock February 09, 2011
The word nang means cool.
Cor, that was well nang!

Guy 1: Have you seen Star Wars Ep. 3?
Guy 2: Man, that movie is nang!
by The future AlphaClock June 09, 2005
A word used by moronic idiots to describe they way they feel about a person of the same sex. Sometimes used in horse breeding circles.
That mare is approaching nang.
by PoolThermo June 29, 2010
something cool or good.
This is a nang piece of booty i got here.
by Will November 21, 2003
The words actual source is arguable. It is used to describe something that is good or cool. It is a commonly used slang term in London, but is known to be used in other parts of England. The word can be used in many different contexts.
That song was nang.
That car is nang.
You are nang at football.
by Gooneytoon May 11, 2008

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