Another way of saying cool, wicked, etc. Has many derivities.
Oh that movie was so nang!
by Dreamy March 29, 2005
a small metal cylinder that contains N2O (NOT CO2 or any carbon compoud).
Inhaled as a 'party drug' that gives headspins-mild. Slowed sence of reality-medium. And blackouts where time can pass normally but seem to stop (extreme) It also leaves the user with a euphoric sensation.
I breathe in one nang, I'm just dizzy, so I breathe through it, keep inhaling. I keep going, four nangs now starting to loose my hands,the buzzing glitch starts, I'm a second a head yet still a moment behind. keep going. I black out I wake, not remembering blacking out, my friends seem like they play a cruel joke on me in which hours and events have passed but they're still stuck in 8 hours ago.
by jaenie March 29, 2009
'Man, that song is NANG!'
by SHEvil August 10, 2003
Ghetto speak for cream charger bulbs that contain the dissociative anaesthetic nitrous oxide, and which are inhaled recreationally for their pleasant yet brief dissociative-hallucinogenic effects.
Oi have a huff of this nang when the guitar solo comes on, you'll get an awesome flange effect.
by faustus December 02, 2006
An Australian slang term for a Nitrous oxide bulb, derived from the sound distortion that occurs when one is under the influence of the drug.
"I just had a nang, I don't think I have ever laughed as hard in my entire life"
by thenanganator July 15, 2013
good, cool, wicked, immense, amazin
Megan Is Nang
Dat Tune Is Nang
by BobDylan March 26, 2007
nang means anything good... anything that is cool, positive ... opposite of KRITE
that fiesta is NANG!
OMG that specialized bike is SOOOO NANNNG
sami is so nang...

awhh NANG we completed spec of on VET! NNAAAAANNNGGG

ohh dass nang...
by thenangestucanget December 01, 2009
Originates from Hackney, London.
Means something really cool, or ace, or great.
"Who's that new singer you're obsessed with then?"

"Who, Jose Vanders? Yeahhh, she's nang!"
by ILoveJoseVanders November 11, 2007
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