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nanaittiwa is a name of a beautiful usually dark skinned girl, she is absolutely amazing. she is a great kisser and when she loves don't take her for granted. she can be shy but has a loud personality, Nanaittiwa's can be self conscious and take things to the heart seriously, they are often gullible and fall for a lot of people. Nanaittiwa's usually have a private side, even if you think your best friends she might have something she wants to keep to herself.

nanaittiwa means queen Ittiwa, she is the prettiest, loyal, trustworthy, deep lover that you can find. once you get to know her you'll wonder why it took so long
Boy 1: hey, who's she?"
Boy 2: that's Nanaittiwa
Boy 1: that's a nice name
Boy2: *nods* and an even nicer girl, inside and out
by rocketrolloer October 05, 2013
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