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1.The name of the comic series by Yazawa Ai. Currently filmed into a movie. Out in fall 2005.
2.The name of the two main characters in Yazawa Ai's NANA.
3.Japanese romanization for the number 7.
1.Mika Nakashima stars as Oosaki Nana in NANA.
2.Oosaki Nana & Komatsu Nana.
3.Very unlucky number!!
by ani April 11, 2005
161 167
only the coolest person in the world! not related to granny or granma in any way
wow dude! look, here comes Nana!
by February 02, 2010
559 184
1. Nigerian Druglord
2. Nigerian Warlord
That Nana always has the best drugs and guns.
by bingobangobongo143 February 28, 2012
243 74
what i call my granny
hey nana what's up how u doin?
by bananasmoothie August 10, 2006
513 378
Nana is an amazing funny pretty girl. You'll love her once you meet her. She is normally dark skinned. She always has something to say. She is loud and rude and isn't afraid to say whats on her mind.
Nana is amazing.
by idk, im canadian March 13, 2013
151 55
your goodies, a females vagina, pussy wut eva u wanna call it
Dang Man She Got Dat Ill Na Na
by Hot Atl Mama December 23, 2004
139 66
short for the word vagiNA

used in "The Yummy Song" by Baby Bash
"That girl's got a platinum na na"
by GaaaGaaa December 29, 2006
62 45
Nickname of the female genitalia.
Commonly used to describe a particularly odoriferous genitalia
i.e., "She's got the ill na-na"
by Sir Daniel Gooch August 02, 2003
35 22