Japanese slang meaning to chase or hit on girls.
Hiro was trying to nampa girls at the bookstore near the station.
by kilkrazy January 02, 2005
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Nampa or nanpa (both spellings are correct because of the way the 'n' character works in Japanese) is a Japanese term meaning the act of meeting and seducing women.

To put it in American terms, to "do nampa" is to "pick up women." So, if you have ever approached a stranger with the intention of establishing a romantic relationship of some kind (successfully or not), you have done nampa. Being introduced to a girl through a friend is not nampa.

However, in other contexts the word nampa may refer to the practice of meeting women by way of a popular Japanese courtship procedure, wherein young men stand at lively public areas and approach passing women in rapid succession until one agrees to an instant date (to a karaoke bar, for instance).
I once saw a video of two guys doing nampa in Tokyo.
by _Sam_H_ February 08, 2008

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