A Nammer Boy Is usally wearing Kappa pants with a black shirt with died bangs. Carring A machette becuz there to pussy to fight themselfs usally found in Vancouver. Some Wear Hats facing the sky. you can easly tell if they smoke if they squat down if they dont smoke they will start soon.Nammer Girlz are found wearing Tna track pants with nike shocks or pumas with usally a white top. They Think its a joke from all the weed and ecstasy and weed they will die in there 50's and then we all can throw a party.
Nammers are never alone usally have weed on there ear. Always Need to have there Nike Shocks, Cell Phone.to call People cuz there pussy, usally have baseball caps, left earing, reebok clothing, Kappa Clothing, Bebe clothing, Aritzia Clothing. Saddest thing mostly never were jeans it breaks the nammers law lmfao
by koke November 01, 2006
A made up word. It is the female equivalent of chode, aka it is a word said to get a negative reaction from others. It is meant to sound really discusting, and when the speaker is asked to define it, they must act like the word is too gross to explain.
nicole "nammer"
tori "i CANT believe u just said that"
katie "omg that is SO gross!!"

by NicolioToraliKatiedid May 28, 2006
A group of teen-agers with the ethnicity of vietnamese. Faggots, I mean nammers are usually found in Vancouver, Canada. They like to wear expensive clothing, such as: True Religion Jeans, Rock & Republic Jeans, Ed Hardy, Christian Audigier, Dom Rebel, J. Lindeberg, BUT THEY WEAR REPLICAS, MEANING FAKE. FROM CHINA/VIETNAM. A typical nammer fag will be seen wearing the clothing I just said or wearing puma sweats, kabba sweaters and shit like that. Nammers in winter likes to wear Puma sweats, whatever fake expensive shirt they see first, WHITE hoodie, and a BLACK north face bomber. For some gay reason, they like to wear Gucci pouches, to carry their weed around, their knives, because they can't protect theirselves with their own fists. They like to smoke because they think it's cool... fags. And if they catch you staring at them, they for some reason, would come up to you and start beating the sh*t outta you. Such fags... LOL. And if you talk about them.. and they find out. they'd come up to you or message you on msn and say: "Yo why you talking SHIT about me?" .. even if what the person was saying was the truth, not lies.
Hey don't look, nammer crew on your 6 o'clock. There's like ten of them.

*They hear it; comes up*

Nammer child: Yo why you talking shit about us? we can hear you

*Nammer crews bring out their knives and stab the guy; AND RUN AWAY*
by Vincent Chen August 26, 2009
usually very cocky and tend to buy 'expensive' and probably fake things to make them feel better about themselves since most of them are insecure and need material things to make them feel good. some of them think they hardcore just because of the fact that they are "NAMMER" who have no sense of style, wear all black/ all white and most of them try too hard. they need weapons like machettes because they know they can't fight with their own hands. they need their 'back up' because they can't fight alone and are scared of the consequences. materialistic, insecure, cocky, weak. sorry to say, but you all know its true.
"best race of all asians, other asians tend to copy their style" OH PLEASE. whoever said that..you wish
by notnammerandproud March 08, 2005
Can be used as a racial slur for a vietnamese person. Small teens but become bigger and crazier as they grow.
You see that fucken nammer? He gonna be crazzzzy and bigger when he olda!
by asfcveet July 10, 2003
nammers are hardcore guys who chopper people in to pieces if you get them piss off or maybe the nammers will shoot you with their gunz they will fight 1 on 1 if it takes too long then all the nammers gang will jump in.the nammers are rich smoking weed and drinking henesy and doing their grow ops in alot of houses
nammers jump this guy because he want beef with him
by vietnamers March 07, 2006

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