A nammer is an asian-looking female or male which likes to wear expensive clothing. These people are usually vietnamese, chinese or filipino. The "nammer chicks" usually wear TNA, Bebe or BebeSport, aritzia, gucci, coach, versace and other expensive clothing. The "nammer dudes" usually wear Armani Exchange, Versace, Louis Vutton pouches, and Gucci. Both nammer men and women carry weapons with them. They either carry a machete or a meat clever. The men always has expensive, nice cars to impress the girls. They always have nice cell phones to show it off. Usually they have a BlackBerry. And if they deal with drugs, they jsut buy any chep cell phone for their customers.

The girls appear such as to the following:
1. Layered hair, dyed platinum blonde, or blonde
2. Blue contacts
3. Expensive clothing and accesories
4. Has boyfriends which spoil them and gets then everything they want, not need.

Now, the men appear such as to the following:
1. Bangs dyed with the colours blonde
2. Mohawk, cut or gelled
3. Wears expensive clothing
4. Has a girlfriend which they spoil with everything they want.

The nammers always do, which they call, "nammer squats." The nammer squat is when you squat down anywhere. Your ass is about 1 or 2 inches off from the ground. Nammers usually do this while smoking, drinking or just chilling and talking to their friends. Nammers are not usually trouble-makers, they only fight when they now its right to. They NEVER fight alone, they always have back-up with them incase anything happens to them. The guys have their ear - peirced on the left side. Usually its one on the bottom and the other on the top. Don't ever try to get into a fight with a nammer, its dangerous you could get yourself KILLED.
"yo girl check out that nammer dude over there, he's lookin fly."
"yo man check out that nammer chick over there, she lookin hot."
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by kimmy kim December 02, 2008
vietnamese person
stupid nammer, eat your pho.
by RAUL March 29, 2003
This word is a noun. It is used to characterise a person with roots of Southern Vietnam. May speak the Vietnamese language, and look Asian.
"May thui nhu cuoc cuc vay, ddi tam ddi."
by Henryjulie January 10, 2005
a person of vietnamese background. these people tend to be super cool.

it is also a style. both male and female nammers usually wear expensive brands such as true religion, rock and republic, ed hardy, smet, ect..

nammer girls: hot, sexy, bitchy

nammer guys: jerk, cool, chill
1) i prefer nammers over hongers.

2) you see that nammer chick? she may be hot, but shes a total bitch.

3) that nammer boy is such a hottie. hes got such swag
#viet #vietnames #asian #vancouver #awesomesauce
by Kewlsauce November 05, 2009
Nammers are of the Vietnamese Ethnicity. They are known to be very organised in crime. They are usually armed and dangerous. Nammers are cocky and tend to start many fights. The younger ones try to act like the older one, so they too hold weapons. They cannot fight by themselves, so they call down their backup to do twice as much damage. Nammer guys usually wear expensive clothing and are usually drug dealers. Nammer woman tend to wear very expensive clothing also, designer bags are most popular within the Vietnamese woman. Nammers are currently at war with Flips and Chinese. Dont Fuck Around. p.s. to "notnammerandproud" he can suck my dick.
"Du ma some kids want beef, call up Tony Tran and all of them. Meet up at Pho Tao Bay"

"Those Flips got fuckin chopped by the Nammers yo!"
#nammer #vietnamese #pho #viet #vietnam #bucky
by 66'z August 10, 2006
usually very cocky and tend to buy 'expensive' and probably fake things to make them feel better about themselves since most of them are insecure and need material things to make them feel good. some of them think they hardcore just because of the fact that they are "NAMMER" who have no sense of style, wear all black/ all white and most of them try too hard. they need weapons like machettes because they know they can't fight with their own hands. they need their 'back up' because they can't fight alone and are scared of the consequences. materialistic, insecure, cocky, weak sorry to say, but you all know its true.
"best race of all asians, other asians tend to copy their style" OH PLEASE. whoever said that.. you wish.
by notnammerandproud March 08, 2005
A "Nammer" is used as a term for a person from Vietnam, all though Filipinos and some Chinese flock to join them.

The common nammer, has rich parents but they insist on ruining their own lives so they call themselves gangster. A nammer NEVER fights 1 on 1, usually play endless hours of video games, start shit when they get bored but never fight the person themselves, and tend to copy fashion from the "Euro Luds" and "Persians". Although the nammers tend to wear tighter,brighter, and gayer clothes than the other two races, they tend to get more respect due to their numbers, Even though nammers are still viewed as "Cowardly" or "pussy" as most people would call them.

Nammers, have flat faces, sunken eyes, skinny bodies, black hair (but it's usually dyed blond) and fake blue contacts, even nammer guys wear fake blue contacts.

according to the University Of Wisconsin, a study was held for a safe sex act in the U.S. And men all around the world were tested for their size so condoms can be shipped out to overpopulated countries. Surprisingly enough, the Indian and Vietnamese males both measured of sub 5'' (5 inches), they even had to make a smaller size for the Indian,Vietnamese and other smaller Asian countries.

The reason why other asians flock to join them is because asians have no identity
(Excluding Filipinos, which tend to have a positive face in the public, even people that are racist to asians will tend to exclude Filipinos as asian and consider them their own race due to their spanish blood, unlike other asians, Filipinos are respected for being Filipino, not because theres 20 of them in the same room.)

Asians tend to have no identity is because their background isn't dangerous, so they go great lengths to try to prove themselves, of course, only other asians or asian-washed girls will like them and dump them a week later, and a dumped nammer will pick a fight, and the cycle continues.
Nammer 1: ey muddar buggar u want bif?
nammer 932: ye mannnn u mess wit 1 viet u mess wit dem all man!

Nammers tend not to fight 1 on 1, and tend to bring 20 to a fight.
#nammers #nams #viets #vietnam #fags #asians
by Origin Of Races February 28, 2009
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