yellow mole monkey with an insatiable appetite for kats.
Old woman that most likely lives on the northside-
oh shiz nig.... ma kat dead!!

Old woman's young mexican lover-
Mamma Mia there's a Nakka on the loose again
by dreadlord April 24, 2008
Top Definition
Nigga. Your boys. What you would call your friends.
Sup nakka? what you doin?
by .proctologist October 29, 2006
Nakka is a term which cross references the secular meanings of cracker and nigga.
Nakka, how are you today?
by naktastic January 02, 2011
A nakka is a racist name for an asian person that acts gangster. Usually american born, these asian background people act as if they are black. Nakkas usually travel solo and wear baggy clothes and lots of fake bling. They usually talk too fast.
Boi nakka, don\'t be fronting on that hoe. or Them nakkas be coining all dem peeps.
by Supr Ti|Zz April 26, 2005
Racist name for a chinese dude.
No mike, it wasn't coined by Andre Nickatina.
by bojizzle April 26, 2004
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