the act of being nude, exposure of the body, in other words..being naked
"Hey baby, let's get nakie!"
by pimp July 17, 2003
Top Definition
the act of wearing your birthday suit
"Are you nakie under there?"
by Hayley Hawkins March 22, 2006
to be completely naked, no jewlry, no hair do, no perfume, completely and uterly natural.
Baby you look so good nakie, gives me a boner
by Pimp T-Dawg November 28, 2003
A naked selfie.
"Mmm she sent me a few nakies of her last night, and she looked good.."
by ding_bat May 11, 2016
drunk,high,or any types of fucked up
Brandon drank way to much that night and got mad nakie!
by misspaigemariex3 July 02, 2007
A selfie taken when fully in the nude.
She sent me a nakie when we were texting last night. Bet you wish you could see it but you can't!!
by ding_bat June 23, 2016
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