This is a time in the day or night where a group of individuals remove their clothing and enjoy the company of one another. These people may or may not be living in the same residence. Normal ativity resumes during this time; just without the restriction of clothes
Ian Tim James and I all enjoy naked time together every Thursday. We cook, watch TV or sit and chill
by We-Love-Naked-Time July 23, 2007
Top Definition
Every thursday a cult can be found naked in the living room. We do this as an expressive art to enjoy nudism. The discussion is free to express polital views and morals. Naked time is between the hours of 12am and 4am.
Tim! Take off that towel, it's naked time!
by Ian Chapman August 04, 2007
The Time of day when there is no body in your place of residence. having the room to yourself.

this time is usually before or after getting in the shower in dorm rooms, not having to try to cover up for your roommates sake. however it can also be anytime one is home alone and the need to wear pants or clothes in general is lost.
Kyle: yes my roommate is gone, you know what that means.

Tim: looks like you get Naked TIME!!!
by Bsmack44 April 22, 2010
when a person is home alone and is whearing nothing at all
dude i had 3 hours of naked time today it was awesome
by misaya of words June 24, 2016
The time when you gotta shower after practice but you have a great time.
Derek: Hey Henry you know what a short practice means?
Henry: What?
by yahboyisnice October 04, 2015
the period of the day in which i wear no clothes whatsoever
naked time is fun especially when there are other people present
by Super Guy May 11, 2004
"naked time is only appropriate during humping or pre-hump activities, and shower time"
that's what my girl considers naked time.
by bigjohnny January 17, 2005
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