the one style that will always be popular
I dont know why you work so hard to dress well when you look so good naked
by uwishu were me October 31, 2011
also nude

meaning cool, awesome, chill, ballin, or sweet
originated in Colorado where if you were naked you'd be cold.
That car is naked
this is a pretty nude place
by doggboyy3237 December 18, 2010
There are many kinds of nakedness. Nakedness can refer to not wearing any clothing or not wearing the usual kinds of clothing. One can be completely nude, not wearing a shirt, or not wearing undergarments.
I am naked.
by detention311 February 28, 2011
to be fully unclothed; bare
Alyssa was naked in the shower
by Kaatiieeee July 01, 2015
The best thing to name a dog
First I have to walk Naked down the street.
by Antidistablishmentarinism March 03, 2015
Scantily clad or fully nude women
I was at the beach and saw so many nakeds!
by Preeve June 28, 2005
Not havin a gun or a weapon during a fight.

You got the gun
Nah im naked rite now
by J. eAsY February 09, 2008
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