An extremely powerful yet little-known film by British filmmaker Mike Leigh, starring David Thewlis as the angry, misogynistic main character Johnny. Running from his past, Johnny in the course of the film manages to track down an old ex girlfriend, get hooked on drugs, and end up living on the streets- all whilst maintaining a powerfully sharp wit, stemming from the brilliant mind of Actor/Author David Thewlis.
P1: "You know who David Thewlis is?"
P2: "Didn't he win a Cannes film award for his role in Mike Leigh's Naked?"
P1: "That is correct."
P2: "Man, that film was so brutally raw, man."
P1: "I know. Affecting, for sure."
P2: "Oh, definitely. Thewlis is such an excellent actor."
P1: "Did you know he also wrote his own lines in that one?"
P2: "Really? Wow. Man, Mike Leigh would be such an amazing director to work with."
P1: "Defo. Too bad they're both so underrated, man."
by Sithstress July 27, 2009
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Anything meaning bare, mostly, but not limited to:

- Unclothed

-Seeing something with your naked eye (There being no obstruction between your pupils and the event/object

-Naked flame, a flame that has no shielding.

- To be naked of all pride/possessions, to not be proud of yourself or your actions/ to have no possessions.
"I want naked chicks!"

"The sun can blind a naked eye"

"No naked flames on the service station forecourt- Fire hazard"

"I couldn't pay up so I left the bar naked"
by Gumba Gumba February 28, 2004
what i was as i typed this definition.
I am naked.She is naked, not to mention psychotically hot!
by DolanMay September 27, 2003
1; the state of being devoid of clothing
2; bare
3; unprotected
4; stripped of possessions
"Sometimes ya just gotta get naked and dance in front of small children"
by rian February 15, 2005
Original definition
(1) To be without clothing

Slang definition
(2) When you have all things of value taken from you in a hold up.
(1) I like to see girls naked

(2) Robber - Get naked foo'
Robbee - Ok, ok just don't call me a Racist
by MistahTom November 06, 2005
unprotected; unclothed; bare.
He hit her with a naked penis.
by Kembre April 22, 2007
For example, if you lose a bet and do not have enough money to pay the winner. So, a simple transaction later, you walk home 'naked'
by Shuriken January 26, 2003
Seriously fine chick. A very attractive female.
Where are all the nakeds at this party?
by Undo November 16, 2009

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