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when u ask a girl to have sex with u repetedly, and, after being turned down thrice, you walk out of ur bathroom naked and say "how bout now". after the awkward ride in the car taking the girl home, u come back home and order a pizza. then you suck off the pizza guy because u dont have money for a tip. On other occaisions u suck off the mail guy, the UPS guy, the kids who sell candy door to door, a couple of boyscouts, and a plumber. when ur dad hears abt it, he gets out the irish whip, covered in honey, baby oil, marmalade, and semen, and beats u until u cry like a bitch. OH and your mom also has to get drunk and tell someone else's mom that u have a small penis. and ur a dyslexic fag
Remember that one time T-bone did the naked tait? And then he got on here and canceled the earlier definition?
by ryson February 01, 2006
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