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Similar to dancerbate, a naked dance break is about self-gratification and should be experienced alone. The theory behind a naked dance break is to dance wildly in the nude without thought to aesthetics for as long as it takes to make one feel better. Bed-jumping is recommended. Some examples of good songs to dance naked to:

It's My Life-- Bon Jovi
Footloose-- Kenny Loggins
The Happy Birthday Song-- The Beatles
Jesse's Girl-- Rick Springfield
Hit Me With Your Best Shot-- Pat Benatar
The Tide Is High-- Blondie
I'm A Bitch-- Alanis Morissette
I Want You To Want Me-- Letters 2 Cleo
Cruel To Be Kind-- Letters 2 Cleo
God, I had such a long day. I'm going to go take a quick naked dance break, and then I'll help you move the couch.
by Xnguela October 25, 2007
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