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1. when you go to have sex, but it doesn't work out, like a rabbit getting into the hole but leaving before he can get his carrot.

2. when you get a physical exam after puberty

3. after you work out and you go to shower in the locker room and there are no shower curtains

4. when unattractive people try to be sexy
1. A not so experienced couple wants it to take the next step, but they don't quite know what to do, so they end up having naked awkward time.

2. You're trying out for a team and must get a physical. You go to doctor and its the first time someone sees you naked after puberty.

3. Jan went to the locker room after vollyball practice and headed to the showers, she decided to wait to shower till she got home when she realized there was only one community shower.

4. Frances was going through his facebook newsfeed, when he came across neville's naked pictures that he posted for attention.
by ytiruces6460 March 27, 2011
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