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1. A person who is highly intellegant, compassionate, likable, interesting, optamistic, and sophisticated while still possing a very good sense of humor. People who are refered to as Nairika are always good-looking, have exeptionally good personalities and are cabable of holding very deep, philosophical converstations, reaching thier goals, and staying positive in the face of adversity. Nairikas are always friends with other people who exibit the same characterstics, but are considerate of those who do not. They generally have liberal political views and get accepted to very good colleges. They are well-traveled, well-read, and well-learned. Someone who inpires others.

2. Someone who is rad, fabulous, awesome, gorgeous, delicious, super smart, fun, humorous, likable to all other likeable people and interesting.

*Anyone who voted for George W. Bush is automatically disqualified from being a Nairika

Person 1: Wow! I really want to get to know that girl. She is so smart, attractive, and interesting.

Person 2: She has a great sence of humor too and an awsome personality.

Person 1: I heard she studied abroad and got into really good colleges.

Person 2: Cool! She is SO Nairika.
by Gangsta Veg November 20, 2007

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