a highly insensitive creature found in the jungle of a far off land;highly deceiving with cunning eyes but once you are within the creatures grasp she will show no mercy!
the poor lad went into the jungle only to be eaten by a naina!
by feroze ad January 17, 2009
Top Definition
the most beautiful indian girl alive, the love of my life
tera naina warge//random box
by Roshan January 23, 2005
beautiful eyes
tere naina bahaut khoobsurat hain
by URAQTPi November 08, 2010
Rules the hood. Everyone bows down to her beauty, grace, charm n hotness. She will rock your world if she decides your worth it. Fiercely loyal, and a true friend. You can't live without a Naina!
"That girl so hot, she gotta be a Naina!"
"Don't try being a Naina, you ain't got what it takes! "
by blueberry panda January 04, 2014
a wonderful indian furry friend....the most beautiful flower in all my garden..lol
i luv thee naina
by bobby December 20, 2003
A little wood nymph who has a beaver face. This creature is married to Ringo Starr, Milo Ventimiglia, and Andrew McMahon.
You are such a crazy whore, Naina.
by lexie mccartney February 16, 2005
Rules the hood, everyone bows down to her charm, beauty and innocence. She is very loyal and trustworthy. You cant live without a Naina.
That girl is soo beautiful, she is a naina
by AK448hfu July 15, 2016
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