great town, fantastic place to live.

From the town of Nailsea, Bristol.

Opposite to Clevedon, Bristol, the scummiest town in Britain.
This place is a proper nailsea!
by AcesPie February 24, 2005
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dirty, greasy, bloated, scuzzy, filthy.

from the town of nailsea, bristol, which is described well by all the words above.
it's all nailsea up in this bitch!
by scotch egg June 29, 2004
Town near bristol housing a higher than average proportion of under-age mums, chav-youth, and pensioners.

Town subject to much urban sprawl in to the countryside around it in recent years. Many young familys think they find a haven in this commuter town, but
in reality it's heading for ruin, in the image of stoke-on-trent, pending the addition of a tattoo shop, McDonalds and massage parlour.
Oh Nailsea, what happened?

Tom - "check out that punk kid coming out of nailsea school"

Dave - "Which one!?"
by iloveburberry May 22, 2005

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