contraction of "Semi-permanent nails"

Came from a mis-hearing of "I really need some more semi-permanent nails" it was thought that she'd said: "I really need some more sex"

also "doing your nails" is masturbation.
equally: "Doing his nails" would be a handjob or whatever.
"I haven't had nailed for weeks"

"I need to get some nails"

"I'm sick of these boring nails"

"Go away! i'm doing my nails!"
by Hatter July 12, 2004
masturbation- as in he does his "nails".
jebus does his nails almost every day thinking of the short one
by apple man May 03, 2005
Another way of saying "no"
G1- You want some yay
G2- Nails
by John December 10, 2003

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