1. n. Metal fixings used in joinery.
2. adj. Thoroughly awesome; phenomenal.
"That quiz was nails, Stainer". "Yes, phenomenal, Brewis"
by Brewis November 07, 2004
wow that chick was nails (lance)
by feast May 13, 2009
this is a slang word meaning "bad" or "Shite" It was first used in Longford in Ireland.
"Ah this football match is nails........"

by Lotharrr November 27, 2007
N. a term used to describe almost everything, to an extreme. other terms may include "nails on a board" or "rusty nails on a warped board" if its really bad or good.
"your as dumb as nails, man."
"im as tired as nails"
"fuck im as bored as rusty nails on a warped board."
by Mark Boulger October 21, 2006
Adjective describing attractive woman.
"Nails, dude."
by Tom Ohle February 14, 2003
1. gross
2. ewww
3. like nails on a chalkboard
1. "you so NAILS!"
2. "I hate him, he's so NAILS!"
3. "Mary, that was so nails."
by Bud. January 04, 2006
White Castle french fries
Gimme ten sliders and a box of nails!
by Doc December 28, 2003

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