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A word to describe the ballsies of a male.
Jenna: i like nads...
Julia: i have calypso nads!
by nadslover December 05, 2011
3 3
Nasty ass Dick
Get out of here with ur nad
by SpongeBoblivesforeva February 27, 2014
1 2
Nasty Anal Discharge Syndrome.
When a male releases his load once too often up his gay partners chuff. The muscles are unable to recover and the result is a dribbling orifice.

Normally leads to breaking out the sanitary towels etc..
Oh I say big boy you gone and done it now. You stretched my chocolate wizway and that going to lead to a dose of NADS. Pass the Tampons old chap ill need this lot moping up.
by The Odd One May 17, 2011
9 10
A word used to describe someone or something that is really sexy.
Wow Kevin gets all the ladies he is so nads.
by Kevin Navid February 04, 2006
33 41
Short for "gonads", a girl's balls (didn't know we've got some too, didja?) or some dudes testicles. In other words, my two best friends.
Hi, I'm (name). And before you ask, yes, I do have name for my nads. The left one is Akiyama Ishida and the right one is Yoshihiru Suzuki. If you gents are lucky you just might get to meet the both of them.
by O.o Times Are Tough o.O April 26, 2008
6 16

Where would We Be Without them?????
Oh shit..... i think just tore my nads off with that skipping rope....
by Joe Nazmdeh January 05, 2006
22 32
Producer of electronic multimedia equipment such as recievers, amplifiers, cd- and dvd-players. Both stereo and sorround sound. Known for combining fairly low prices with good quality. NAD was originally an acronym for "New Acoustic Dimesion". Founded 1972.
My sorround reciever is a NAD.
by Zig January 16, 2005
38 50