balls, testicles, those things under your dick
I got kicked in the nads
by bigDICKinson July 17, 2009
a man's best friend or a man's groin. prefferably his balls.
Dude, my nads, are, like, freezing, dude, they shrunk, my man tools have shrunk,
by Mr.Youverydamnwellnowhothehelliam December 05, 2003
1. the dangley scrotum that hangs in between a mans legs

2. a very interesting name for someone to call their child that you know gets the ladies and is a very handsome boy and at football games you can cry "GO NADS GO"

3. slang for testicles or ballsack

4. the best place to keep your hands very warm
i know these things very well because my name is nads and i am a nadologist and i study nadology
by therealnads December 01, 2009
Simile for the verb masturbate due to the recent web cam show by a very unpopular former UK Glamour Industry employee.
I had a right good nad over those pictures in FHM
by The X-Site Guys January 21, 2007
A word combining the words "Lad" and "Nerd". These people are similar to the common lad but more intellectual and sophisticated. They churn out Nad banter like nothing else!
Gay Jim is such a Nad.

Nad banter!
by Flurblewe July 18, 2012
A Nad, or more commonly referred to as 'Nadding' is the act of having 40winks and can strike, without warning, at any point of the day. It is most prevalent following the consumption of a McNad, en route to work, which subsequently results in the late arrival to one's workplace. Going for a Nad/McNad is a popular pastime in the Barsha/Al Wasl region.
My word I'm exhausted....I could do with a Nad, but not before I finish my McNad.
by McNad July 01, 2014
Acronym for "numerical assessment of dope skiing/snowboarding." A rating system of one to ten for determining the awesomeness of a ski run, trick, person, outfit, action, or anything that deserves a rating. This term originated at Loveland Ski Area CO. This system can be applied in any situation where a rating of dopeness may be necissary.
Example 1: *Skiier does a cork 9 over a tree*

Kane- "holy shit dude!"

Ben- "NADS rating of ten!"

Example 2: *snowboarder wipes out on a rail*

Jeff- "ooooh shiiiiiiiit!"

Jerald- "NADS rating of 1!"
by nadsman69 December 03, 2011

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