very gorgeous and loud. likes to have boyfriends constantly,a slut and can't stand a month without sex usually. and normally doesn't have blonde hair,not popular as much and has a huge smile. her smile Is gorgeous and bright and she turns guys on a lot.
boy: nadja touched my dick in science

boy2: dammmm she's sexy tho

boy: dat ass tho
by Taylor k November 17, 2013
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she is the fukin hottest chiq you'll ever meet, completely beautiful
she is teen royalty, waitin for the day until she's all mine
by baller April 02, 2005
A very rare name.
Mainly used by Russians and Serbians
Origin: Russian
Meaning: Hope
Pronounced: Naa Jah
Nadja is a very unique, strong, confident, and intelligent female.
by BALTIC February 04, 2008
my supa fly beauty queen
also prounced Naa Jaa
by Keith April 12, 2005
A Nadja is a very busy woman, who is also hot and horny at the same time.
Also pronounced NAD.....JA.
Likes to shake her booty but be careful: sometimes she has sand in the vagina and will be totally pissed.
A Nadja also loves buttseckz.
Guy A: I met Nadja.
Guy B: did she shake her booty?
Guy A: Yes,and she seduced me when I was drunk.
Guy B: WTF, you got NADJA'D!!!
by Barí February 04, 2005
a beautiful gorgeous chick who gives reall good sex.
and is amazing at kissing
She is such a Nadja!
that chick is soo Nadja.
eww shes no nadja!
by babyboy8844 November 30, 2007

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