your tightest nigs.
hey, don't mess with my nackas, we'll thow shame on y'game.
by neu January 30, 2004
Top Definition
A portmanteau of 'nigga' and 'cracka' - a racially offensive slur that can be applied to either colour of skin.
Yo, wassup my nacka?
by Big Cheez November 20, 2006
Close friends that you see everyday, ususally used with a high pitched voice.

Nacka is a Nigg** with out the offensiveness
Walking into a room with ur close friends "Sup Nackas"
by Alex March 24, 2005
Someone who sticks it in the wrong hole during intercourse.
The Sherminator is a nacka, yo!
by Darrin May July 22, 2003
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