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Someone who sticks it in the wrong hole during intercourse.
The Sherminator is a nacka, yo!
by Darrin May July 22, 2003
6 16
A portmanteau of 'nigga' and 'cracka' - a racially offensive slur that can be applied to either colour of skin.
Yo, wassup my nacka?
by Big Cheez November 20, 2006
40 4
your tightest nigs.
hey, don't mess with my nackas, we'll thow shame on y'game.
by neu January 30, 2004
11 9
Close friends that you see everyday, ususally used with a high pitched voice.

Nacka is a Nigg** with out the offensiveness
Walking into a room with ur close friends "Sup Nackas"
by Alex March 24, 2005
4 5
Western pronunciation of "nigga."
Wassup nacka!
by BC December 08, 2003
3 8