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the area tween your genitals and pooper
its nacho left, its nacho right, its nacho front or back either
by Anonymous December 16, 2002
A nacho is a mack daddy. To guys, being called a nacho is something to be quite proud of, as you've gained much knowledge in the art of feminine seduction. To many girls, a nacho is suave, sleek, and sexy, however to others, he seems a tad overrated and not very appealing whatsoever.
Dude, did you see that Nacho?!
Damn, Nacho is such a pimp!
by Teh Beast? July 23, 2006
The area between your anus and your testicals ..... It's nacho butt, but it's nacho balls either
Lick My Nacho Bitch!!
by ananomys February 17, 2004
The skin between the balls and the penis. Because it's "not 'cho balls and its not 'cho dick"
I'm gonna punch you in the nacho.
by Der Dorfmeister August 08, 2008
A combination of not + yours, a male or female who is committed to someone else but kicking it with you. This is also the source of many urban girl on girl ass kickings.
Elliot is Kimber's man, but he's my nacho.
by DDay March 05, 2006
Not yours
I found a wheel of cheese in the street and took it home. My wife asked me what type of cheese what is, I said Nacho Cheese. She asked how I knew that. I said it was because a man was running down the street yelling, 'thats Nacho cheese, thats nacho cheese'.
by T February 13, 2004
Then wierd funky smelling place between your balls and your sphincter.
Nacho balls but nacho your asshole
by Blue, AkA "FatherNature October 08, 2005