An urban contraction for "not yours".
Whose food is that?

Nachos, it's mine!
by qsama13 April 16, 2009
A really sexy little mexican with an ever so nice chulo. See also:
OMG, I would do that Nacho in the behind in a split second!
by Beef Curtain October 18, 2006
Dark and mysterious tamer of the bitches.
The nacho is the only one to domesticate strippers.
by smileigh13 May 23, 2015
What the Mexicans are called in the city of Santa Clarita California.
(pretty girl walks by)
Nacho(gardener)- "*Whistle*Whistle*"
Becca- "ohmygod i fucking hate the stupid ass scumbag disgusting nachos!"
Brooke- " Yeah, i know! there soo annoying!"
by CoolKiiiid September 03, 2009
Used to indicate what does NOT belong to you
'dis bitch is NACHOS, she's mine!
by Al December 23, 2003
A russian man with semi-curly hair, a childish face, tattoos, can't grow any facial hair other than a mustache, and is a dick.
Person 1: You see that Russian kid...I mean man, over there?
Me:Yeah, he's a total Nacho
Nacho: Hey asshole, what did you call me?
Person 1: *runs away*
Me: A nacho..
by Demonic Bro February 20, 2014
a "dude" who obviously is trying waaaayyy to hard to look,be,act cool..he is way into working out an looking "big"'s all mostly creatine or dball muscles though..dresses in whatever he sees the trendy style is on mtv or tmz that hardy, affliction, etc....(soooowhack)..and to top it off def takes wayyyy longer to get ready to leave the house than is health girlfriend. (bronzer, gel, tweez....pushups...lines of creatine)...almost always a guido but depends on what coast they live on.
wow...did you see how nacho that dude is? he's 5'3" but just parked his monster truck f350 outside
by saneycakes August 11, 2010
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