Naai, 'noun'(pronounced N-ahy), verb, Naai-ing, adjective Naai-er.

Naai is a South African Afrikaans slang term meaning fuck.

It originates from the literal Afrikaans word of the same name which means 'stitch' or 'sew'.

It is most commonly spoken in the Western Province city, Cape Town and, as with the word fuck, it's meaning's vary depending on the use of the word.

It can be used in reference to sex or having sex as well as an expression of disagreement or distaste. It's also quite commonly used as an impolite way of referring to someone.
In reference to sex:

Joe: You know, I hate getting leg cramps when I naai.
Tony: Me too, but your mom doesn't seem to mind.

As an expression of disagreement:

Joe: For a million bucks, would you Toss-
Tony: Naai.

As an expression of distaste:

Joe: Tony, I forgot to-
Tony: Throw the naai milk out when it's off!

As an impolite reference to someone:

Joe: Tony, you can be such a naaier.
by FilthyHandsFloyd January 18, 2009
Top Definition
Afrikaans slang for having sex
Pete likes to naai (have sex with) Gemma.
by Hennie October 26, 2004
Naai is an Afrikaans word meaning shag or copulate. It also rhymes with another afrikaans word, braai meaning barbeque.
"Hey ou's Frik are having a braai and naai at his house!"
"Jirre that chick is uptight, she naais like a poes."
"I naaid this binnet and she braaied my knob end."
by Dodgy Bob January 26, 2007
Strong Afrikaans insult word.
Jis, Koos is 'n ware naai.

Look at me when I'm talking to you, jou dom naai!

by Spyker February 27, 2008
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