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A program on calculators used to save one's ass in use of the binomial theorem.
I forgot to do my homework, so I used nCr to solve the problem quickly
by ocdfreak April 15, 2009
the NCR is the new calfornia republic from fallout new vegas. often times NCR is just waiting around for you to fuck off or somthing. the NCR also hates the other most powerfulist army in newvada....the legoin. theay look like fuckng romens and do slow and painful deaths.......the NCR controls hoover damn wich has pufied water to pretect evrybody from...rads.......anyway the legoin whants to haz it to....NCR and the LEGOIN aint get along very well.....but thoughs NCR rangers manage to KICK YO ASS!!!
legion soilder: hey NCR dude im gona take over hoover-
NCR ranger: kills legoin before saying hoover dam* take over what?
by some emo kid :l August 21, 2012
NCR region in India means National Capital Region. But, with the rising rapes in this region, NCR can also be expanded to National Capital Of Rapes
There was another rape in NCR.
by NCRlover June 27, 2013
A non-profit organisation who act to destroy all sandcastles on Rhyl and other local welsh beaches.
Oh my, NCR just came and layed the smackdown on my sandcastle empire.
by Christopher T August 08, 2006
Naked Crop Running
Dude, you never guess what we did last night at the monument, We NCR'd
by NCR4lyf July 02, 2009
The illest Cross Country and Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field Crew ever established, they roll deep and are always strapped with choppers and always sport at least one article of Nike gear at all times.They are the bosses and they listen to ill ass beats and pone noobs, we is the best.(Nike Crew Runners)the most legit running crew of the west. Ya dig.
O Shit here comes NCR with their sick ass Nike Sacks and Nike Steps ready to own at the steeplechase.Ya dig.
by DA_BOSS_OF_ALL_BOSSES October 20, 2007
Defined by, one of non-Caucasian denomination: i.e. Blacks, Asians and/or Puerto-Ricans.
"Hey, did you see that exceptionally looking black woman, walking in the grocery store?"

"All's I saw was that fuckin' N.C.R."
by danvsuniverse August 02, 2006
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