an internet abreviation that is equivelent to "goodnight." Origionating from the german 'n' and '8' (oct) which coincidently spells "nacht" and not "nate" you arrigant bastard.
bubu n8.
by Anonymous September 08, 2003
Top Definition
meaning "night"

Comes from combining the letter "n" and the german word "acht" (8) together to form "nacht", the German word for night.
myaimsn1: im going to bed, im tired.
thatonekid2: alright, n8.
myaimsn1:you too, c ya.
by Kara April 25, 2005
A persons name, ussually a male. Nathan -> Nate -> N8.
Hey N8, would you like to come to a party tonight?
by Flashindustries April 10, 2007
the guy who is gr8 and she wants to d8
by Meg March 31, 2003
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