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Meaning: "Foreigner" or "Slave" - An insult or taunt.
"You N'wah!"
"Drive the n'wah from Morrowind"
by Masta Dragon Red November 16, 2004
"He who is about to search my corpse for valuables"
Kinda self explanitory
by Don Rafa February 14, 2005
a weird yell from Elder Scrolls
you: *punch guy in face*
guy: YOU N'WAH!
by el waldo November 30, 2006
A group of fake hater wannabes.
There goes those nwahs.
by xlmafia March 10, 2003
short for 'and what?'
<John> "So, what have you been up to today, Tim?"
<Tim (Drunk)> "n'wah?"
by John Hamelink November 06, 2007
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