The Class 7 (Novice Permit) licence in British Columbia, Canada, it can be obtained after having your Class 7L licence for a year. Drivers must display the "N" decal on the back of their vehicle at all times while driving and can only have 1 passenger (waived for anyone who is immediate family). After two years of having your "N" you can apply for your Class 5 licence.
Just got my N today, no longer have to drive with my Mom anymore.
Jake: Hey can you pick me and a friend up? Matt: Sorry bud, I have my N so I can only take one of you.
Finally got my N, just bought my first beater.
by Fundar March 11, 2014
1. without interest or concern; not caring; apathetic: his "n" attitude toward the suffering of others.
2. having no bias, prejudice, or preference; impartial; disinterested.
3. neither good nor bad in character or quality; average; routine: a "n" specimen.
4. not particularly good, important, etc.; unremarkable; unnotable: a "n" success; a "nnn" performance.
5. of only moderate amount, extent, etc.
6. not making a difference, or mattering, one way or the other.
7. immaterial or unimportant.
8. not essential or obligatory, as an observance.
9. making no difference or distinction, as between persons or things: "n" justice.
10. neutral in chemical, electric, or magnetic quality.
Thats so nnnn.
by smelly lynn October 27, 2009
internet slang for the word 'no.' commonly used in polls or to answer a yes/no question.
poll: do you like the u.s govt?
mary: n


are you going to the dance?
mary: n
by neinerneiner February 06, 2008
N is a Brasilian mythical figure. Thought his true origin is not known, he is thought to be a deity, or a superhero, and his visage has even been linked as the Brasilian Patron Saint of Pineapple. He is known by so many names.

He is considered the archetypal male figure in Brasil. He inspires much of the arts in the traditional fashion of a muse, but from a masculine beauty perspective.

His legendary patriotism remains true to his roots and is evident with the incorporation of the Brasilian National Colors of Green and Gold in almost every presentation of his likeness.

One recounting of his tale claims "N" once taught a blind, deaf, dog with Polio to sign in Portuguese, while lip reading in Spanish.
Example 1:
The pineapple did not come into existence until the concept of it came to N in a premonition.

Example 2:
No one can handle the magnitude of that guys abilities. He is invoking N.
by DiscipleofN October 23, 2009
Wats n it 4 me?
by Hercolena Oliver May 26, 2010
UNLESS your under 12 > its a lazy fucking way of comprehending an addition of the word and > &
yo eric the fucking lazy ass! type or write AND you dumb fuck youre not 12 no MORE
by maseeefarfay February 07, 2008
abbr. no
Do you want to suck my dick? n.
by Cds February 18, 2003

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