Website created to be like a yearbook. Is fun for about the first day till you realize no one ever goes on it. Only filled with child predators and people who are losers and don't have any real friends. Or people who, like me, were dumb enough to think it would be cool but are now unable to delete their account.
The only reason myyearbook has any members is because no one can find out how to delete their account.
by Desiree1990 September 25, 2006
myyearbook is a website started by 2 highschool students to kick myspaces ass. It is much better than myspace, xanga, and live journal combined. It has no ads whatsoever, loads fast, and is just more interesting in general, with lots of features myspace doesnt have. Currently it is the fastest growing community on the net.
person 1:Hey are you on myyearbook?
person 2:nah i'm on myspace
person 1:FAG!!!
by streetracer1357 March 02, 2006

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