A small car from Ford's Mercury line, ranging from 1995 - 2000. The cars have a tendency to overheat when idling, especially since the last model was made in 2000. Sorry -- no drive thrus for you! (Idling is bad for the environment, anyway!) The engine is a 2.0, and the Mystique "Sport" has a 2.2 L engine (oooh, powerful).

The Mystique is usually driven as a first car by hot guys who think that they're cool. If you're too hot and don't need the hottest car to impress the ladies, this is the car for you.
"Hey Mark, pick me up at 8!"
"Sure, Sarah! One problem, though... My 1997 Mercury Mystique might overheat, so I hope it's not a far drive!"
by EnviroChick23 December 19, 2008
Top Definition
An aura of a person that is somewhat mysterious and is difficult to put your finger on...needless to say mystique is a sexy trait and will always attract others to inquire further and go deeper into that mysterious person. A beautiful trait.
Unique and out of the ordinary people whome fall out of our typical, everyday, stuck up society...are always bound to enchant you despite initial unrealistic thought. . .but knowing that deep inside, you want to know more about that person.
by nxvnm December 04, 2004
A character from the popular Marvel comic book series and films X-Men. Mystique has the ability to change her appearence and voice to match that of any other person.

She works for Magneto, leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants, the main antagonists of the series. When not in the forms of other people she is a naked blue-skinned woman with red hair.

Born as Raven Darkholme, she shed her "slave name" and now calls herself Mystique

She was portrayed by Rebecca Romijn in the movies.
Her mutant power is the ability of shapeshifting, being able to turn into anyone. Mystique assumes all physical attributes of those she is mimicing including finger prints, retinal patterns and she can shift her vocal cords to match their voice. She cannot replicate powers of people she copies. Her mutation also slows her aging process. Mystique is an extremely skilled hand to hand combatant and also highly proficient with a wide variety of weaponry. She is also a brilliant tactician and stratagist.
by Fynmarr February 27, 2010
A girl that likes to suck on lifesavers and loves to melt gum.
The girl Mystique goes rawr.
by AndrewG20 August 10, 2008
my bestfriend who moved away is also very sexy i love her
eww lalala eww eww lalala
by chelsie December 28, 2004
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