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The poon of Eve. So basically, Eve was a total bitch. She listened to that dick of a snake and ate the apple from the forbidden tree. No biggie right? Wait till you hear what she did next. She puts the forbidden apple in her poon, IN HER MYSTICAL POON!, to seduce Adam to eat it ('cause we all know Adam loves poon. He did ask God for some. I mean, come on). So he's eating poon and then he eats some forbidden apple too! And the next thing they know, both Adam and Eve find out they're naked and get thrown out of the Garden of Eden ruining Paradise for future generations to come. The end.
Sometime close to 5 am...
(meaning Eve's mystical poon)
#poon #nookie #cooter #vajayjay #cum depository #meat wallet #gates of heaven #eve
by sexonabeach April 27, 2007
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