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Usually, a self described person, who ideates solutions to puzzles.

One who creates written mysteries for others to enjoy or solve, such as mystery writers.

The person who is constantly quizzing those assembled with mostly unanswerable problems of little import.
Reuben; So, what's the probability that a giant Godzilla like egg is at the bottom of this pond, and when this rock lands on it the thing will crack open and hatch out to trash the town over there?

Shire; Beats me, probably the same odds that you would have if the pond would suddenly freeze over and the rock would bounce back and brain you in the head.

Giles; So what makes you think you are a couple of mysteryologists? The only question I can see is that you both seem to have beat the odds and not been removed from the gene pool, by now!
by the Toad October 02, 2010
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