This game is done by a large (8 or more will do) group of males. This works where one lucky guy (if you consider it lucky) gets blindfolded and spun around. After this, everyone, including the blindfolded guy, drops their pants and everyone stands in a circle around the blindfolded guy. Dazed and confused, the blindfolded guy (currently in the middle of the circle) walks backwards into one of the other guys' dicks. He then tries to guess who is... inside him. Hence the title of the game: Mystery Meat.
Kevin: Wanna get together with the guys and play some mystery meat tonight?

Rob: Nah, whenever I play I end up being the one blindfolded.
by 333333373733 March 17, 2009
When a nasty dirty sleazy ho wakes up with a hangover and can't remember who she fucked the night before.
Yeah girl I had fun but I don't remember shit. My vagina is sore too. I must have had some mystery meat last night.
by infin1te April 29, 2011
When nobody is sure of the size of a certain guy's penis.
"How'd it go with Jonny Katrina?"

"Not well, plus he has mystery meat."
by ted the tit May 03, 2010
what they serve at the kebab shop - whoever's seen a three foot high and perfectly round lamb leg? WAKE UP PEOPLE!
after 20 beers or so we all went to uncle sallaams for a serve of mystery meat
by aussie bob March 07, 2005
Luncheon meat.

An alias used by Phob0s, goddess of beatings and IRC peonage.
MysteryMeat pwnz you.
by EKM July 13, 2003
when you put your limp meat in the asshole or pussy and then you pop a viagara and wait for it to expand inside
my grandpa couldnt get it up anymore so i told him to give grandma the mystery meat and everything would be solved
by scruggs1496 February 08, 2006
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